Beach Day Rentals

On April 26, 2011, by Michael Watson

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This was an e-commerce group project that I worked on in an e-business class. The purpose of the project was to get familiar with different types of online software programs such as WordPress or Magento. I was the lead developer in the group as the other members did not have experience with web design or coding. I installed Magento myself on the class development server. I setup different products on the website geared towards a beach rental company offering online sales and reservations. I found a descent template and I modified it using HTML and CSS. This was a great opportunity for me because I have never installed a full fledged e-commerce software suite. It was interesting to see the power of open source software outside of groups that I am familiar with such as WordPress. It was also great to use my skills of self-learning and researching in order to find and modify templates for personal needs.


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