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On November 29, 2009, by Michael Watson

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In my systems analysis class, I worked with a group of students who were challenged to find an information systems business process at Biola that could be improved. The problem that we saw was that there was no easy way for students to get information about the university on a mobile phone. In order to focus our project on a single need we saw a need for people with smartphones to easily discover the weekly menu, operating hours, and specialties at the cafe and other quick service restaurants on campus. After research and a wide online school survey we realized that there was a high enough penetration of smartphones present that it would be feasible to continue with our project. After meeting with the owner of the food service provider we discovered that there was significant interest in a smartphone app that could also share deals. We also brainstormed the proper content for the smartphone app.

Since I am more familiar with web technologies than application programming technologies I decided to create a web based iPhone app for the cafeteria. You can view the webapp on most computers and phones. However, if you have an iPhone, you can add the application along with it’s icon on your desktop. I learned the valuable process of analyzing business processes as well as constructing a prototype of a new or improved business process. I also learned more about iPhone web apps and their importance along with native iPhone apps.


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